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Type 304, 304L

The 304 type is the most common low carbon chromium-nickel stainless. It is non magnetic with good heat resistance that will hold its strength up to 800 Degrees F.

Type 316, 316L

The 316 type is a low carbon chromium- nickel stainless that is slightly modified to greatly increase its corrosion resistance. Its heat resistance reaches up to 1600 Degrees F.

Type 321

The 321 type is a chromium- nickel stainless modified with the addition of titanium increasing its intergranular corrosion resistance and temperature resistance up to 1500 Degrees F.

Type 446

The 446 type, also known as “25-Chrome” contains the highest content of chromium and therefore contains the highest resistance to corrosion and oxidization.   


1100 Grade

Contains 99% pure aluminum which give it great resistance to corrosion and makes it easy to work with. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity.

2024 Grade

Contains the addition of 4% copper giving it high strength and an ability to resist fatigue. It is easy to work but has a relatively low resistance to corrosion.

3004 Grade

Pure aluminum with the addition of manganese, increasing its strength 20% from your general 1100. It is highly corrosion resistant and is easy to work with.

5052/5086 Grade

This is the highest strength of the non-heat-treatable grades. Is corrosion resistance in maritime environments is excellent. The 5086 grade has an addition of 4% magnesium, adding to its strength characteristics after welding.

6061/ Grade

The most versatile of all heat-treatable alloys. Has good strength characteristics and weldability, mixed with good corrosion resistance.

7075 Grade

This grade is the highest strength aluminum alloy available and is best used for high stress applications such as aircraft parts.